Sure Power 120A Isolator, 2 Battery

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Sure Power 120A Isolator, 2 Battery 120 amp, 2 battery isolator for Delcotron CS Series 130 (100-105 amps) and 144 (120 amps) alternators. For GM light trucks (1986 and up) and "P" Series RV chassis (1987 and up). Use with 80A circuit breaker (not included). Solves every problem of battery isolation, battery charging, current control, battery equalization, proper voltage regulation and alternator protection in a multi-battery, equal voltage system. Not heat sinked for continuous duty higher than model rating. Sure Power Multi-Battery Isolators are the original Battery Isolator, and still the best on the market. Multi-Battery Isolators are used to eliminate multi-battery drain when two or more battery banks are in a charging system. They perform as well or better then existing factory installed components. Specifically designed to exceed OEM Specifications, they are equipped with Solid-State Electronics, which isolate each battery circuit and allows each battery to discharge and charge according to its' own needs. They are more efficient and reliable then mechanical or solenoid systems, and have the reputation as the most comprehensive line of Battery Isolators on the market. Priced each.
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