Pure Power Blue Waste Digester 4 oz.

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Pure Power Blue is a bacterial-enzyme concentrate formulated with proprietary BioBlastPlus™ odor control technology. BioBlastPlus™ technology, developed over the last 10 years, has been scientifically proven to instantly control odors, even in high heat conditions over 120°F. A highly concentrated “bio-active” product, Pure Power Blue will quickly & effectively break down waste, toilet paper, grease & soap scum in both gray & black tanks. Pure Power Blue is a completely safe, natural & biodegradable formulation. Pure Power Blue is much preferred over formaldehyde & chemical products by dump stations, RV parks & state/national parks due to it’s proven benefit to septic systems & sewage treatment facilities.

Chemical free - The traditional method of treating holding tank waste uses chemicals to preserve the waste & mask the odors by neutralizing the existing bacteria essential to the breakdown process, until the tank can be safely dumped. These chemicals can be quite toxic to humans & can cause widespread damage to the environment. The bacteria & enzymes in Pure Power Blue actively break down waste so that it can be returned to the environment in a natural state.

Odor control - Many holding tank products contain strong perfumes because the active ingredients are designed to stop bacterial activity. True odor control can only be achieved when there are sufficient bacteria & enzymes present to actively break down the waste, preventing the formation of gases so often associated with stagnant waste.

Economical - 2 oz. of Pure Power Blue will effectively treat a 40 gal. tank, making it the most economical holding tank treatment available on the market. On a cost per treatment basis, other brands may be as much as 5 times the cost of Pure Power Blue!

Positive environmental impact - The bacteria & enzymes in Pure Power Blue serve to enhance the natural bacterial activity not only in holding tanks, but also in septic systems, dump stations & waste treatment facilities.

Toilet paper - There is no need to use expensive "RV or Marine" toilet paper. Pure Power Blue will break down any household 2-ply toilet paper.
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