13oz Slide Out Awning/Topper Replacement Fabric

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  • Sunpro 13 oz Slide Out Fabric
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Awning Replacement Fabric!

13oz White Slide Out Awning/Topper Replacement Fabric

We have taken the worry out of replacing your RV Slide Out Fabric! Each fabric is built a foundation of beliefs that has made Sunpro Mfg the leader in Sun Shade Products. We firmly believe that our simple, hassle-free ordering process and our 5 Star customer service are the core components of our success. We build the quality into every fabric we make, Guaranteed!

Here at Sunpro Mfg, we make all of our RV Slide Out Awning/Topper Replacement fabrics with quality in mind. Our 13oz fabric boasts a Worry-Free 3 Year Warranty!  We use a UV Protected High Quality multi-layered laminated fabric to resist premature fabric deterioration and color loss. We make them for most RV Slide Out Awnings. A&E and Carefree of Colorado use an 11oz material with a 1-year warranty that just does not compare to Our 13oz Slide Out Awning Fabric with a 3 Year Warranty.

What Makes our RV Slide Out Awning Fabrics Better? To produce a High-Quality product we use a State of the Art Autometrix Cutting Table to ensure Precision cuts with Square Corners on Every Fabric and to finish it off We Do Not Use Thread to attach the beading that slides into the roller tube and awning rail.

If We Don't Use Thread, What Do We Use?  We use a Miller Fabric Welder to weld the bead into the fabric and create an edge that is stronger than the fabric itself. There is no thread to come undone or deteriorate in the elements. This is the Cool part, with the welded beads the fabric is Much Easier to Install, you can push the fabric if you have to do it by yourself. RV Technicians love this, it saves them time and money.

To sum it up: High-Quality Fabric, State of the Art Equipment, Awesome Warranty & Everything is made in the United States. Not one of our components or machines is made overseas.

With a Worry-Free 3 Year Warranty how can you go wrong, if it fails we’ll send you a new one @ No Charge! 

Shipping: Free shipping in the Contiguous US only.

Please Read Before You Order!
There are several types of RV Slide Out Awning/Fabrics and they can have different size beads sewn into them making them model specific and not universal. Below is a listing of the different types and configurations of RV Slide Out Awnings.

What Slide Out Will This Fabric Fit:
A&E by Dometic - All Models without a “Flexible” Metal Weather Shield.
Carefree of Colorado – All Models Except the Omega Slide Out/Window Awning. 
Solera by Lippert – All Models

What if I have an A&E with a Flexible Metal Weather Shield? 
If you let us know in the Comments Box during the check out process we’ll make sure you get the right configuration. Or you can contact us by using Ebay’s built-in messaging system. The only difference is one of the beads needs to be a different size.

What If I have a Carefree Omega Awning?
 use a completely different fabric than this one. We can make one for you if you contact us with the Bead to Bead Measurement, the Fabric Length and we will need to know if it has a Valance. We don’t sell the Omega Fabrics on eBay. You will have to work with us directly.

Is Your Fabric Vinyl or Acrylic?
The majority are Vinyl! Very few RV Slide Out Awnings have acrylic fabrics. Acrylic looks and feels like canvas. Acrylic is often called “Sunbrella”. Sunbrella is a brand of acrylic but not an actual product. 

How Do I Measure?
Measure the Length/Long Measurement of your existing Slide Out Fabric.
If your fabric is missing, measure the available space on the roller tube and 
then deduct 1 ½” from the length.

What is the Depth of Our Fabric?
We make all of our fabrics 49” Deep. That is the finished bead to bead measurement.

Shipping: Free shipping in the Contiguous US only.

Before You Place Your Order:
Please make sure of what you have and need and that will help us avoid any complications.

Is there an advantage to replacing my Acrylic/Canvas/Sunbrella type of fabric with Vinyl?
Our vinyl RV Slide Out Fabrics will easily fit any slide-out awning that came with an acrylic fabric. Our vinyl fabrics are much less expensive than the acrylic versions and it can be made, shipped and installed in less time than ordering a custom acrylic from Carefree of Colorado. A&E no longer offers or uses acrylic on their Slide Out Awnings. 

Please put any additional information we might need in the comments box upon check out.

If you have an A&E Slide Out Awning please note that the Center Shaft on the torsion assembly should not be able to move from side to side or top to bottom, if it does, this indicates the center bearing is broken and the torsion assembly will need to be replaced.

13oz White RV Slide Out Awning Replacement Fabric:
• 13oz available in White & Black.
• 3 Year Warranty
• Free Samples Available Upon Request!

If you have any questions, Call Us @ 800-789-5588

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